BC's Curriculum

British Columbia’s curriculum brings together a concept-based approach to learning and a focus on the development of competencies, to foster deeper, more transferable learning.

The curriculum has been organized into Core Competencies, Big Ideas and Learning Standards (Curricular Competencies and Content).

POPEI has created a range of student and teacher friendly resources to support the implementation of the redesigned curriculum.

We have prepared theK-3 ELA Curriculum in a user-friendly, printable format, including elaborations.



To support educators in visualizing the entire Primary Language Arts curriculum, we have designed continuum documents for the Learning Standards areas of the Core Competenices and Content. These reflect the gradual transition from Kindergarten through until Grade 3.

As part of BC’s curriculum redesign, Core Competencies were identified as sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that students need in order to be successful life-long learners and educated citizens. We have adapted the Profiles and “I Statements” from the Ministry’s Core Competencies documents and put them into a teacher and student friendly format.

Core Competencies – K-3 Reflection and Self-Assessment – editable document (auto download)

To aid in planning units, projects or any literacy-based teaching using the Redesigned Curriculum, we have prepared a Literacy Planning Guide. It provides teachers with space to plan for Big Ideas, Competencies and Content; and includes considerations for inclusion, differentiation, assessment and collaboration.

POPEI Lesson Sample - Our Animal Neighbours - Science Cross-Curricular Lesson

POPEI Lesson Sample - Our Community - Social Studies Cross-Curricular Lesson

please note: these are on legal format paper

For those of us who like to have more of a flexible space when planning, POPEI designed K-3 ELA Planning Cards. These cards are designed to be printed back-to-back, and cut up, so that you can move around a year's worth of Big Ideas, Curricular Competenices and Content standards into any configuration that works while planning.

Kindergarten Planning Cards

Grade 1 Planning Cards

Grade 2 Planning Cards

Grade 3 Planning Cards

For the full curriculum and additional information on the redesign, please visit the BC Ministry of Education's Redesigned Curriculum Website