Supporting the K-3 ELA Curriculum & the Core Competencies

As we head into the second full year of curriculum implementation, POPEI is pleased to continue to support BC’s teachers with the K-3 ELA curriculum and the Core Competencies. We received tremendous feedback at the end of the school year on our K-3 Reflection and Self-Assessment document. (Thank you, teachers! We’re glad you like it!).

Recently added is our Student-Friendly Core Competencies Overview - which explains the concept of the Core Competencies and each of the 3 big competencies in student-friendly language. Teachers are telling us they love this one too!


Lastly, newly added with our refreshed website is our Core Competencies Facets Summary - a 2-page document with all 20 facets listed, to help teachers and students to quickly reference the Core Competencies, or to do a quick check-in.

Stay tuned throughout the school year for additional curriculum and Core Competencies resources!